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Quiz Buzzer

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Quiz Buzzer

  • Location de 12 Quizz Buzzer

  • Facile a manipuler
  • three buzz sounds
  • three status lights:Green(start light), Blue(buzz light),Red(stop light)
  • wireless & cordless
  • Size: 20cm*20cm*20cm or customized other sizes
  • Lock out function, so it can be used as who first buzzer under this status
  • Also have No-Lock out function, so it can be used as judge voter under this status
  • ID programmable
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Can work with 205 standalone version or 215 software version
  •  support 100m distance
  • Stand alone, No need computer and software
  • 7 Buttons: 4 big buttons: start(OK), Stop, Continue(>), Answer; small buttons: Music On/Off(<), Power, Mode ;answer
  • LCD screen displays the Max Id, the winner Id, and the winner
  • support 50 buzzers at most
Prix de location : 199$ + taxes
Prix de livraison : 125$ de plus pour la livraison, l'installation et la collecte + taxes
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